Environmental Laboratories & Consultancy Services

We offer a broad spectrum of Environmental Consultancy services to our clients. By taking the time to understand
the objectives of our clients’ projects we provide them with bespoke support and services required to ensure that
their goals are achieved while meeting their expectations for management of impact on the environment.

By assisting our clients to bring issues of management of impact into the project planning process early, we help
them to minimize capital and operating costs and also avoid significant approval and other delays. We are also
able to suggest practical and economical solutions that will enable them to maintain production and work within
approved emission limits.

     Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
     Environmental Monitoring
     Environmental Evaluation Studies (EES)
     Post Impact Assessment (PIA)
     Effluent Monitoring (EM)
►       Air Quality and Gaseous Emission Monitoring (AGM)
     Seabed Sampling
     Ecological Baseline Studies (EBS)
     Potential Polluted Area Survey (PPAS)
     Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping (ESIM)
       Waste Management (WM)
     Ecosystem Rehabilitation
       Remediation Technology
     Natural Resources Conservation and Management

     Environmental Toxicology
     Marine Safety and Hygiene
     Accident and Emergency (Prevention and Treatment)
     Disaster and Stress Management
     Analytical Procedure and Quality Control
     Environmental Management Systems
     Technical Training in Safety, Health and Environment  (SHE)